Friday, August 31, 2007

Keeping Up Appearances - 2006

Artist Statement:
Keeping Up Appearances deals with contemporary anxieties, it references both political crises and human frailty. It is about those fragments in time when all is not as it seems – at once all that seemed safe now threatens.
Investigating emotional connections to environment, physical vulnerability, and fear this work offers contemplative juxtapositions of the duality of life; cause and effect, joy and sadness, life and death, self and the other. Its juxtapositions offer the comparative refuge of nature, while prodding the viewer to question the relationships that may (not) exist.
It emphasizes the uncomfortable and fleeting positions we often find ourselves negotiating and allows the impossible – time to examine, calculate and hypothesize answers.

This work was exhibited as part of Undercurrent 07 at the Adelaide Festival Centre, South Australia and also at the Queensland Centre for Photography in 2007.

The Homogeny of Desire Type C Print 50 x 90 cms Edition of 5

The Submission Type C Print 50 x 90 cms Edition of 5

We Watch in Waiting Type C Print 50 x 90 cms Edition of 5

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