Friday, January 28, 2011

Inka & Niclas

Fantastic work - this time from Sweden. Inka Lindergârd & Niclas Holmström are a photographic duo from Stockholm, Sweden who are represented by Elva Gallery.
Their works offer a unique and playful insight into the way they experience the world around us.
Check out these images from my favourite set "Humans Watching Humans" a series they have been creating since 2008.

Nick Meek on Feature Shoot

Wow - great use of colour, beautiful subject matter and thoughtful composition. Nick Meek has it going on in this series of photographs on Feature Shoot (a favourite source of great work)!
Really moved by his sense of light and space - do your eyeballs a favour and go look at his personal work - click here.

Robin Williams: Rescue Party

Beautiful, androgynous, intoxicating and a little bit weird (but in a good way - weird in an interesting way).  Fascinating painting by Robin Williams. Please check her work out. Put her on your radar.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Trevor Traynor - I Shoot People

Here are two very enjoyable photos by my man in New York and San Fran (don't ask me how he does it!) Trevor Traynor. Apart from being crazy talented behind the lens (see I Shoot People) he's also in a hip hop crew called Dragons of Edin (a definite personal fave) and he has two other incredibly talented brothers. The Traynor family have this world on visual and aural lock! Big ups T2, oh and your brothers T1 & T3!

Untitled, Sandbox series
Untitled, Sandbox series.

Caleb Charland on Feature Shoot

A questioning mind and perseverance are clear attributes of this fantastic work. I really enjoy his sense of play and the investigation - Tally Ho!

See more work by Caleb Charland or read more at Feature Shoot.

Arcs with Arms and Candles, 2009. 

Echo with Candle and Wooden Boards, 2009.
Blizzard with Point & Shoot Cameras, 2010.