Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ellen Kooi - Dutch Photographer

Ellen Kooi is a Dutch photographer working mostly with the landscape and the figure. The relationships between the figures and each landscape vary from the magical to the mundane, however what is most interesting is considering how they collectively build to a point that makes you question what is going on for us as the viewer, and further, what exactly is it that Kooi is piecing together here? For me there's something of those strange dreams you tend to have very early in the morning, where things don't quite make sense - and they don't necessarily need to, because there is something beautiful going on - it's a strange void space of timeless slow-motion and quietude. There is this sublime and romantic sensitivity evident in each of Kooi's pictures that captivate me. There's a beautiful sense of stillness, of symmetry and order, of careful construction. They are wonderfully formal, eerily quiet and deeply moving pictures. If you enjoy these pictures as much as I do then click here to see more of her work.

Zwammerdam-kas, 2005. 77 x 150 cm
Velserbroek-de brug, 2000. 66 x 150 cm
Noordoostpolder-polderhuis, 2004. 90 x 112 cm

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